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Jyl's Photo Booth was started by, you guessed it, Jyl, in 2017.

Jyl is known throughout the Ithaca, NY area as the Camera Queen. She is always glued to a camera and never fails to capture each and every precious moment. Naturally, she decided to take this skill to the next level. And now she provides the camera, energetic staff & creative props -
to help you and your guests have fun & share memories.

familypicnic_32311020367_o copy.jpg

​We offer:

  • Customized photo frames

  • Energetic staff on duty at all times

  • Unique, individualized props

  • Digital photos after event

  • Live posting during event

We’re proud to be listed as part of the Sweet Bough Wedding Collective community, along with vendors of all shapes and sizes who abide by similar principles of respect, inclusion, and compassion. Explore the vendor directory and find resources for nearlywed couples at  

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